Day 2

Healthy Relationships

    1. Hello and Welcome!

    2. Navigating Relationships between Different Neurotypes, with Emily Grossman and Kimwei McCarthy

    3. Autism and Friendship, Michael Barton

    4. Free download - The Asperkids (Secret) Book of Social Rules 10th Anniversary edition sample chapter

    5. Communication in Autistic Relationships, Laura Kate Dale

    6. Lasting Relationships on the Spectrum: Advice from a Couples Counsellor, Eva Mendes

    7. Free Download - Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism sample chapter

    8. An Autopian Vision of Dating in the Future, Luke Beardon

    9. Free download - Love, Partnership, or Singleton on the Autism Spectrum

    10. Sex, Love and Autism, Alex Ratcliffe & guests (part 1)

    11. Sex, Love and Autism, Alex Ratcliffe & guests (part 2)

    12. Feedback on Day 2

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